Movilizame - Make me mobile

We create uniques experiencies

  • Web and mobile development
  • Your business to the cloud
  • Build your idea into a digital product
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Digital products

We take your business to the cloud and the digital world.

Web and mobile apps

We develop web and mobile applications, we put your company at the forefront.


Outsource work with us. We deliver quality and experience.

Make mobile

We turn your existing website into a 100% mobile-ready one.

Web accessibility

We audit and collaborate to make your site accessible to everyone.


We put our experience at the service of your company.

How we work

Commercial advice

We accompany your enterprise to find the business and monetization model you need.

Open Source and multiplatform

We use tools that are tested and supported by many people in the Free Software community and the Open Source world.

Languages: PHP / JavaScript / Node.Js y

CMS: Wordpress / Laravel / Drupal / NestJs

Platforms: Web / Android / iPhone / API

Data: MySQL / MongoDb

Accessibility and Universality

We believe that the Web is everyone's right. We create fully accessible sites and focusing on their usability.


We are agile and adapt to changes to deliver the highest quality and efficiency.

IT / Hosting

We provide the necessary infrastructure to take your business to the cloud.

Technical support

We are available to our customers to solve technical problems.

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Countries were we work

Are you interested? Reach us


Who makes Movilizame possible

Pablo Botta

Project management

Systems engineer. Member of @stsrosario I am part of the projects @carpoolear and @rosarioenbici. I teach Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development

Mariano Botta

Development and Artificial Inteligence

Bachelor of Computer Science. There is no programming language that can resist it. Explorer by definition

Fernando Farina


Half programmer, half artist, he is in charge of bringing projects to life.

Ignacio Zamorano

Desing and UX

Graphic designer, the one in charge of making the projects look great.

At Movilizame we believe in the importance of training people. We accompany the training process of our team.

Life is like a bicycle, to maintain your balance you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein